Premium Fresh Unstoppable Wax Bar - 50g

Premium Fresh Unstoppable Wax Bar - 50g

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5 Cube Premium Wax Melt Bar, 50g.

Introducing Always Rosy's premium, luxe wax melt bars. Our premium, luxe bars are made from the strongest fragrance oils imported into the UK directly from the US, of course, they are also made with the absolute highest quality colouring and glitters. 

Similar in notes to a popular laundry scent booster.

An Always Rosy favourite.

A fresh and clean scent, with top notes of soft citrus oranges, green apples and peaches, leading to floral mid notes of jasmine, roses and neroli with base notes of fresher aromatic nuances of anise, eucalyptus and green notes, layered on patchouli and vanilla.

This super fresh scent will leave your home bursting with uplifting cleanliness aromas.

Made from natural soy wax.

Please note; Colour, exact weight and shape may differ from picture, we love trying new moulds, colours and glitters with our wax so the exact look of our melts may differ from purchase to purchase.