General Website Questions

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How do I create an account on Always Rosy?

Simply click on the account icon at the top of every Always Rosy page (the small person icon), select create an account, and fill in the required details. Setting up an account with us will allow you to order without having to enter your details every time you shop with us. Creating an account will also allow you to view previous orders. You can sign up straight away or you can first start shopping and create your account before you check out at the checkout page.

Do I need to open an account to shop with you?

No, making an account is not a requirement. You can make purchases and check out as a guest every time if you wish to.

How do I order?

Shop for the items you want and add them to your shopping cart. When you have finished, you can preview your shopping cart and check out. Please ensure that you check that all information is correct before confirming your purchases and payment.

Why won’t certain items add to my cart?

Any in-stock items will be available to be added to your cart. Any out-of-stock items will show as ‘Out of Stock’ and will be unavailable to add to your cart. There could also be an instance where the item is in someone else’s shopping cart hence the status of the items is reflected as ‘Temporarily Unavailable’.

How do I pay for my orders?

We accept payments via Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and all major credit/debit cards, such as Mastercard and VISA. We are proud to offer Clearpay and Laybuy, giving you more time to pay for your purchases. At this time we do not offer payment via American Express.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

All orders are dispatched within 1-3 working days once ordered and paid for. Most in-stock orders are delivered within 2-5 working days in the UK Mainland, depending on the courier. Made-to-order items typically take 7-14 days to manufacture and cure. Most orders are shipped via Royal Mail, for larger orders or courier chosen orders we typically use MyHermes or DPD, however, we may use other couriers, you will always be informed of which courier we use and will be sent any tracking information we have (If a tracked delivery method is used).

Do you accept returns?

Yes, please refer to our Returns / Refunds section. 

Please note; Always Rosy will not accept a return because a wax bar has arrived snapped, we take a lot of care to carefully package our products however sometimes they may break in transit due to how fragile wax can be. In the event you receive a snapped bar it can be used as normal and will still be of the highest quality.

Are you environmentally friendly?

Yes! Please refer to our environmental policy page.

Home Fragrance Questions

What does CLP compliant mean?

CLP stands for Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures. CLP applies to a non-cosmetic product containing a hazardous substance such as fragrance or essential oils (e.g. candles, wax melts, room mists, reed diffusers, etc.). Basically speaking a CLP label is a label attached to products that lists all potentially allergenic ingredients and any other warnings applicable to that particular product. All of our products that contain fragrance oils are perfectly safe and release no harmful chemicals, however, it is always recommended to check our CLP labels before use in case they contain an ingredient that you are allergic to. CLP labels are a legal requirement in a lot of scented home fragrance products and we guarantee that every single one of our products that requires a CLP label has them attached.

Are you CLP compliant and insured?

Yes, we are fully CLP compliant and insured. All of our products that require CLP labels have them attached. Please contact us directly if you require any more information about this, e.g product safety sheets.

Can I view your CLP documentation?

Of course! If there’s any CLP documentation you wish to view before purchasing, let us know and we’ll send it over to you. All products have full CLP attached, also. We are currently working on getting a full CLP breakdown of every product onto our website, although having this information on our website is not a legal requirement, it is something we want our customers to be aware of and have access to.

What is a wax melt?

Wax melts are wickless, scented pieces of wax that are melted in a wax burner. A wax burner is a 2 tier home decor item with a lower section for a tea light and an upper section for your favourite scented wax melt to melt in. The wax burner heats and melts the solid wax, once the wax is heated the wax’s scent is released and it fills your home with your chosen scent. Wax melts are also often referred to as wax tarts and wax cubes. Wax melts originated from candle makers looking for something to do with their leftover wax after pouring candles.

How do I use wax melts?

First, pick your favourite scent and remove all packaging, next light an unscented tea light and place it in the lower tier of your wax burner, finally, place 1-2 cubes/shapes of wax into your wax burner and allow it to melt, soon enough your home will be filled with beautiful fragrance. Please note; Ensure your burner is completely dry and free from any other substances. Never mix wax melts with anything e.g water, laundry conditioner, etc.

How do your wax melts burn?

Our scented wax melts are made from soy wax (sometimes coconut and rapeseed wax) which has a lower melting point than most paraffin waxes. A lower melting point helps to ‘throw’ the fragrance into the room, this is where we get the term ‘’scent throw’’.

How much wax do I need to use?

We recommend using 1-2 cubes / 1-2 shapes per burner depending on the room size and burner bowl size. A normal size, single room will only require 1 cube/shape, however, if you are using wax melts in an open plan house for example we recommend 2 cubes/shapes to give a stronger scent throw throughout your house.

How long does the scent in your wax melts last?

This completely depends on the amount being melted, fragrance choice, burner type, and simply your sense of smell. The scent from our wax melts usually lasts 10-12 hours, however, this is only a guideline time. Some fragrances are naturally stronger and longer-lasting, for example, lemon-type scents tend to have a stronger scent throw and they can be smelt for longer. Different types of wax burners also give off different scent throws, for instance, tea light burners tend to give a stronger scent throw than electric burners. Another thing to note is some people love to burn wax all day long, over time this could desensitise their nose and make scents seem not as strong, whereas everyone else in the room may think the scent is still strong.

Can I leave a wax burner on all day?

No, we do not recommend this at all. All burners should be used for 3-4 hours at a time (never use 8-hour tea lights) and once the candle goes out / turned off if electric, the burner should be left to cool for at least an hour before replacing with new melts or re-burning your previous melt. Please note; 8-hour tea lights are not safe for use in tea light burners and easily cause fires by allowing the burner to get too hot, we always strongly advise not to use them.

How do I store wax melts?

Wax melts should be kept in a cool, dry place. We don’t advise storing near radiators.

What is a ‘waxident’?

A Waxident is a wax melt that may not look as pretty as our usual melts but still have our usual strong scent throw. When Always Rosy is hand making melts sometimes the shape or the colour may not be perfect, however the scent is still strong and beautiful, we just don't feel they are perfect enough to sell at full price. Waxidents are typically sold at a discounted price as they look a little different from our normal melts.

Wax melt safety concerns;

Never leave any burners unattended.
Never place burners on a window, in a draught, on/near a radiator, or on wooden surfaces.
Please ensure you use a wax burner and not an oil burner.
Always use 3-4 hour tea lights, never any bigger.
Keep burners out of reach of children and animals.

What is a room/linen spray & how do I use it?

A room/linen spray is a clear, scented liquid that is sprayed into a room or onto linen and other soft surfaces. The mixture clings to soft surfaces and gives off a beautiful scent that lasts all day. Simply press down on the room/linen spray nozzle with your finger to release the spray. The most common way to use a room/linen spray is spraying it into the centre of each room, however, there are numerous ways to get the most out of your room spray. Spritzing the scent onto prominent fabric around your home is a good way to make the fragrance last longer. Mist your curtains, carpet, sofa, towels, and bedding to get the fragrance to freshen up each room. Another handy tip is to spray your rubbish bin after you empty the bag to eradicate any nasty odours that are lingering around the bottom of the bin. Overflowing rubbish and foul-smelling liquids quickly tarnish the natural scent of your home, so covering them with a room spray dissolves any unpleasant scents.

How often should you use a room spray?

How often you should use a room spray depends on the potency of the room spray and how you use it. If you spray your curtains, towels, or bedsheets, it lasts for much longer as the scent stays on the material. If you're just spraying the scent into the air, using it once or twice a day is a good guideline. Some room sprays are more potent than others and contain fragrances that are stronger (as mentioned above with different wax melt scents), so they only need to be sprayed once in the morning to enjoy the fresh aromas throughout the day. More subtle fragrances are less noticeable and fade away quicker, so it may be worthwhile giving it a spritz once in the morning and once in the evening.

What is carpet freshener & how do I use it?

Carpet freshener is a scented powder that is sprinkled onto carpets and then hoovered up. The scent from our carpet fresheners clings to the fibres in your carpet, releasing a beautiful fragrance. Regular use of our carpet freshener helps to neutralise odours as opposed to just covering them, getting rid of bad smells for good. To use our carpet freshener, lightly sprinkle a thin layer of powder onto your carpet, allow the powder to sit and work its magic for 15-30 minutes, then carefully vacuum all of the freshener up. Our carpet freshener can also be used on rugs, mattresses, in cars, and other soft furnishings.

Carpet freshener notes;

Please check your vacuum filters regularly whilst using our carpet fresheners as we will not accept liability for any damage to vacuums caused by misuse. We strongly recommend checking with your hoover manufacturer for any usage risks before using this product.

What is whipped soap and how do I use it?

Whipped soap is similar to foaming body butter. Our whipped soap is air-whipped, super soft, and ultra-creamy allowing you to gently cleanse from head to toe, with an indulgent foaming texture and a beautiful scent that lasts all day. To use simply take a scoop into your hands and rub together to create a thick, creamy mousse. Gently lather into your body for a moisture-rich body wash that leaves you smelling absolutely gorgeous all day. As our whipped soap is so thick and creamy, it can also be used as a luxurious shaving foam.

What are exfoliating sponges and how do I use them?

An exfoliating sponge is a slightly abrasive sponge filled with soap. The lightly abrasive surface of our sponges gently exfoliates your skin and the soap inside the sponge cleanses your skin and leaves it smelling beautiful. To use, fully soak your sponge with warm water, work up a lather in the shower or bath, and lightly swipe over your skin. Exfoliate, massage, cleanse and moisturise all at the same time. Our chunky sponges will keep you smelling beautiful and feeling super soft for over 50 washes.

What is a bath bomb and how do I use one?

A bath bomb is a compacted mixture of wet and dry ingredients moulded into any of several shapes and then dried. A bath bomb is dropped into a bath and slowly disintegrates, releasing beautiful scents and colours. Our bath bombs can be used all at once or can be broken up into several pieces, giving you the ability to turn one bath bomb into several pamper sessions. Every bit of our bath bombs are filled with bright colours, a beautiful scent, and skin softening properties so even when splitting your bath bomb up, you’ll still get the most out of your bath bomb. To use, simply fill your bathtub with your perfect temperature water, drop your bath bomb in once almost full then enjoy watching the gorgeous colours fill your bath and smell your favourite scent spread throughout your bathroom.

What is cleaning powder and how do I use it?

Cleaning powder is used to help clean and freshen your home. Our cleaning powder is scented to keep your home dirt-free and smelling amazing. To use, simply sprinkle into toilet bowls, mop buckets, or plug holes and leave to work for 5-15 minutes before flushing or rinsing. Cleaning powder is a self-acting, fragranced powder that fizzes and foams when in contact with water, removing grime and limescale. Cleaning powder can be used daily to freshen and clean around your home.

What is a vacuum disc and how do I use them?

A vacuum disc is a scented, round disc of reinforced felt. Our vacuum discs are scented with your favourite fragrance, filling your vacuum with the scent and eliminating any bad odours. To use; insert 1 or 2 vacuum discs into your empty vacuum bag or empty vacuum cylinder/dust collection zone and start vacuuming, the scent will travel through your vacuum filters and freshen the whole vacuum.

Vacuum Disc Notes;

Please check your vacuum filters regularly whilst using our vacuum discs as we will not accept liability for any damage to vacuums caused by misuse. We strongly recommend checking with your hoover manufacturer for any usage risks before using this product.

Have more questions? Please feel free to contact us via our Contact Page